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SmartQ T10 Android2.2 V2.0

  • Model:Ten
  • Type:firmware
  • File Size:149MB
  • Release Date:2011-05-27
  • Version:V2.0
  • MD5 Hash Code:


How to upgrade T10 firmware?

1.Please make a backup for your personal data.

2.Prepare a TF card with enough space, and make sure the file system is in FAT32 format.

3.Decompress the downloaded file in PC, and copy “SmartQT10” to the root directory of the TF card.

4.Turn off T10, plug in the TF card, and then connect the charger. Keep pressing decrease sound volume button, and keep pressing the power button till the firmware upgrading interface appears on the screen.

5.After the upgrade, T10 will restart automatically.