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SmartQ X7 Android4.2 V1.0

  • Model:X7
  • Type:firmware
  • File Size:266MB
  • Release Date:2013-02-01
  • Version:V1.0
  • MD5 Hash Code:487d2c6631c9af0ab655263c19679e90


Please refer to the following steps to upgrade the firmware for X7:

1.Please back up your individual data in X7 first.

2.Prepare a TF card with enough space, and confirm the file system is FAT32.

3.Please copy the downloaded file 'SmartQ X7' to the TF-Card root. ( During download, if the firmware file is added suffix, such as ‘SmartQ X7.zip’, please correct the file name into ‘SmartQ X7’without any suffix.)

4.Please ensure that the battery power is enough, and insert the TF Card in shutdown mode, then press the down volume button, and long press the power button until the upgrade hints show in the screen.

5.The firmware will update automatically, and X7 will restart after the completion of the upgrade.

Alteration and new features:

1.The system has upgraded to the latest Android4.2.1.

2.Adjusted the booting mode, and long press the power button for two seconds instead.

3.Increased more starter options.

4.Optimized the camera photograph effect.

5.Adjusted and improved the factory default settings.

6.Adjusted the part of the system interface.

7.Adjusted the firmware upgrading signature verification mechanism to strengthen the security of the firmware upgrading.

8.Enhanced the OTA upgrading service and the function set.

9.Upgraded some preloaded software.


Notes: If the upgrade fails because of the signature verification mechanism adjustment and the system prompts you to ‘install untrusted package?, please choose to continue and restart the system after installation.